Magnificent Manors & Tatty Taverns Magnificent Manors & Tatty Taverns

by Wolfgang Röhling (diagrams) & Ulrike Pelchen (text)
84 pages

Magificent Manors & Tatty Taverns
- Game Master´s Survival Pack Volume I -

No time to develop a castle, temple or mansion for a game session?

No floor plan for an inn handy when a bar brawl breaks out... again?

Then you need “Magnificent Manors & Tatty Taverns - Game Master´s Survival Pack Volume I “.

Inside you will find
- ten floor plans for all occassions:
- seven complex buildings, plus
- three inns in extra large size
ready to use.

Each building comes with:
- a sketch of the building to show your players
- two sets of complex floor plans (one for the players, the other one for the GM)
- an adventure idea in/around this building

Easy to use!

Suitable for ALL game systems:

for instance - RuneQuest - HeroQuest - Dungeons & Dragons – Harnmaster -

Horror & Mystery:
for instance - Call of Cthulhu – World of Darkness – Gumshoe -

Cyberpunk & Science Fiction:
for instance - Shadowrun – Cyberpunk – Traveller -

The adventure ideas with a fantasy setting use names, creatures and places of the fantasy world of Glorantha (with permission of Greg Stafford), well known as the default setting of the role playing games “RuneQuest” and “HeroQuest”. Even so, the adventure ideas should be easily apaptable for most other fantasy settings.

The Chaos Society is always interested in joined publications. Magnificent Manors & Tatty Tavers is such a case in which we joined forces with "Redaktion Phantastik", a german fan publisher, to publish a nice, and useful booklet in english language, and with gloranthan adventure ideas.