Dark Wisdom # 2 Dark Wisdom # 2

by various authors
88 pages
Full colour cover

New for Issue #2:

Book of Dark Wisdom is now 88 pages, offering 24 more pages of horror and mayhem!

In addition, all articles are now provided in dual-stat format (Chaosium’s BRP System and the d20 System). Issue #2 also features more content geared toward the Call of Cthulhu investigator such as new and variant occupation templates for Call of Cthulhu.

Book of Dark Wisdom Issue #2 Contents

  • Reflections From Leng
    Chaosium’s Dustin Wright talks about the revival of the Chaosium Missionary program, and what it takes to become a Chaosium missionary.
  • Dark Library
    A collection of tomes, newly unearthed. And in this case, a photograph or two. Featuring the The Leewood Collection, describing the photographs of Charles A. Leewood, by Deborah Jones. Also, get ready to confess your sins….you’re guaranteed to feel much better after you pen them in Brian M. Sammons’ The Book of Untold Sins.
  • Strange Beings
    New creatures and characters to haunt your Call of Cthulhu campaign. Sir James Horton takes good care of his patients. He takes even better care of their brains. Jerzy Cichocki introduces a new NPC for Call of Cthulhu guaranteed to give your campaign a bit of brain-chilling excitement.
  • Relics
    Strange devices with unknown powers. Featuring Tears of Tindalos by Kevin Music and Cards of Fate: Tarot Card Rules for Call of Cthulhu by William Jones. Investigators and keepers alike will find that these new tarot card rules can add interesting twists to an investigator’s fate.
  • What Rough Beast Comes
    Justin Martin and William Jones premiere their ongoing graphic tale What Rough Beast Comes in Issue #2. Nothing is as it seems as two detectives attempt to solve a mysterious murder mystery in New York City.
  • Shadows by the Fireside
    Beware what lurks in the shadows in this Unanticipated Encounter for Call of Cthulhu by James Roth. Excerpt:
    The dark decrepit inn was full, the air pregnant with smoke and the hour late. The old man sat back by the fireside and began his gin-flushed tale, thumbing through what must surely be a dictionary….
  • A Federal Case: An Examination of the FBI
    Part two of a three-part article about the FBI. Part two, by James Robbins, investigates the Bureau between 1924 and 1940, also providing a new character template for an FBI Counter Intelligence Agent.
  • Monsters and Their Kynde, Chapter I
    Readers can take a sneak peek inside the insidious text Monstres and Their Kynde in this series by David Conyers, with Scott David Aniolowski and William Jones. The series includes glimpses inside the upcoming Call of Cthulhu books The Hand That Feeds by David Conyers, Malleus Monstroroum* by Scott David Aniolowski, and Secrets of New York* by William Jones, as well as creatures that only appear in Book of Dark Wisdom.
    The first episode features Messengers of the Crawling Chaos. The Black Lion, the Black Man, the Dweller in Darkness, and the Floating Horror are but a few of the Avatars of Nyarlathotep that lurk within the pages of Issue #2. Intrepid readers will also find various minions who serve this dreadful god of many faces. Excerpt:
    At the heart of the cosmic dread and unknowable horror that is characteristic of Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos, there lurk the monsters. Old tomes discuss them in detail, bizarre spells summon them easily into our dimension, and strange artifacts are their creations. But nothing is quite as terrifying as a shoggoth lunging out of the sea, a dark young hunting prey through thick forest, or a byakhee descending from darkened skies, all with the sole purpose of maiming, eating and destroying investigators….
    * Working Titles
  • Mrs. Bentley’s Coloring Books
    It’s eight o’clock A.M....do you know where your children are? Hopefully not at Janice Bentley’s Day Care center. You’ll want to hide your crayons after you read Badger McInnes’ Unanticipated Encounter for Cthulhu Now.
  • The Demons of Hithfenn
    William Jones presents a full scenario for Chaosium’s new release, Cthulhu Dark Ages. Featuring a new creature for use in any Call of Cthulhu setting. Excerpt:
    This scenario is designed for play with Call of Cthulhu Dark Ages. It takes place in Northumbria, England, along the border of Scotland, in the year 1005. It is best suited for three or more moderately experienced investigators. Historically it occurs during a period when invaders, fearing infection of a spreading plague returned to their homelands to wait out the illness. Keepers should review the entire scenario and become familiar with the characters and events before play. Because of the spreading plague, investigators have a limited number of days to unravel and solve the mysteries of the small village….
  • Mind-Blanked Yith Agent
    Your mind is not your own. Introducing the Mind-Blanked Yith Agent, an alternate occupation class for Call of Cthulhu by William Jones. This new character template makes it easy to host the great race Yith! Just try it and see for yourself….
  • Program of the Elder Gods
    Just when you couldn’t stand another moment of the suspense, Steven L. Shrewsbury’s Program of the Elder Gods concludes with a sanity-shattering ending!

    Book of Dark Wisdom issue #2 also features our shoggoth-recommended dose of poetry by Lee Clark Zumpe and Christopher Fulbright, artwork by Rebecca Kemp, MikeMiddleton, Bryan Reagan, Tracey Potter Zumpe, and John Zsigo, a few mad ramblings by the editor, our Cthulhaiku contest results, a full color cover by Rebecca Kemp, and more!