Juha Harju


Welcome to the gallery of Juha Harju.

Havin' played Rune Quest (Glorantha) for 'bout 10 years now (.and there's no sightings of an end - of course) doing pics for TradeTalk is taken as a great honour by Juha.

1978 born in distant Finland Juha has been a drawing -kinda guy forever (of course). Due to the sadly vast spread of abstract-modern-can't-draw-mob in Finland THE man hasn't been able to get to any "real" art schools. But, there's no quitting - Alast! this has given him something to fight against ;) Here's a famous Juha quote: "One day I'll let my laughter reach up to the skyes so that Orlanth too can hear it - and be glad - for it means that I have shown to my enemyes they're rightfull stand in the deepest bottoms of darkest abysses. and stuff like ;)"