Jon Hodgson


Jon Hodgson ‘s published credits include: “Warlord” and “7th Sea” card art for AEG, Cover art and internal art for “Darkwood” RPG by Tower Games, Internal illustrations for Nightfall Games’ “Contract Directory”, Illustrations for Stone Circle Games forthcoming “Invictus” and of course, Trade Talk!

Currently Jon is preparing to start work on some internal illustrations for Darcsyde Production’s “Hawkmoon” RPG supplement. There is also a cover in the works for AEG.

His influences come from European comics: Bilal, Giminez and Frezatto. He loves the pencil work of Brian Froud and Alan Lee.

One day he hopes to be in the position to publish a book of themed illustrations - perhaps based in Celtic myth.

Jon can be contacted on: - Private commissions are readily taken, as is any RPG illustration. As a full time artist Jon prefers paid work.

He is 28 years old and lives in the UK