Sons of Kargzant


by Wesley Quadros, Martin Laurie, Simon Bray, Mark Galeotti and Brand Robins
64 pages
Full colour cover

Sourcebook on the brutal and fearless Char-Un riders of Erigia! Written by Wesley Quadros, Martin Laurie, Simon Bray, Mark Galeotti and Brand Robins, it is illustrated not only by such stalwarts as Dan Barker, Simon Bray and Sarah Evans, but also artists new to Glorantha, with distinctive styles of their own.

The Char-Un are feared throughout the Empire as mounted shock troops and hit-and-run raiders without peer. Their distant northern land of Erigia, once an elven forest until scoured by the magic of the Skyburn, is one of the most dangerous and pitiless wilds on Glorantha. Life for the Char-Un is a challenge, and one they relish. Under the stern gaze of their ancestors, they fight, herd and worship with equal fervour, preparing themselves for the day when the Great Panishi, the father of their nation, returns to lead them south, into the lands of the Muddy-Hands, the Farmers, the Walking People. Then, the Char-Un will roll like a northern storm across Peloria.

This 64-page, perfect-bound book is the complete sourcebook for the Char-Un. It contains full character generation information, including the Char-Un homeland keyword, their animist traditions and practices, as well as 'What the Elder Told Me.' A gazetteer and bestiary of Erigia, with updated colour map, accompanies information about their lives, wars and rituals. There are also notes on encountering Char-Un characters outside Erigia, as well as plothooks to encourage foreigners to venture into this cold, dangerous land. As well as a fully-detailed initiation adventure for new Char-Un characters, there are several scenario cameos and memorable NPCs, as well as secrets and mysteries of the Char-Un and their role in the Hero Wars.