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  Moon Rites Moon Rites Cover

by various authors
72 pages
gray/red colour cover

Like a Crimson Bat with a bad case of the munchies, Moon Rites is seventy two pages of Lunar myth and mystery. Moon Rites is a fundraiser for Gloranthacon VIII. Focusing on the Empire and its subjugation of the barbarian nations of the extremity, Moon Rites features articles, fiction, scenarios and artwork from some of Glorantha's most talented explorers and shapers.

Moon Rites is a joint production between Gloranthacon VIII and the Chaos Society, proud publishers of Trade Talk and other fine Gloranthan works.

Moon Rites features the art of Annie Berzovan, Simon Bray, Dario Corallo, Sarah Evans, John Hughes, Wesley Quadros, Darran Sims, and Claire Steyert, and a superb cover painting by fantasy artist Larry Dixon.

And the articles! Within its crimson-tinted covers, Moon Rites features the following:

  • Power Greya Two-Eyes - An extract from Greg Stafford’s Lunar novel.
  • Broken Pot Country - Mark Galeotti on the unpleasant life and unfortunate times of the Durnvoking nation.
  • Tales of Creation - David Millians shares a powerful myth sequence from the kingdom of Aggar.
  • Dirty Little Gods - Simon Bray reveals how some deities just let the whole darn side down.
  • 97 Child Missionaries of Raibanth - Peter Nordstrand tells of persuasive waifs on a mission from the Goddess.
  • The Surgeons of Vitality - Peter Metcalfe performs an autopsy on the heart and spleen of this cutting cult.
  • The Crimson Bat - Roderick Robertson shares the secrets of the Bat that we know and love so well.
  • Servitors of the Bat - But wait! There’s more!
  • Crime and Punishment in the Lunar Empire - A foundational essay by Mark Galeotti that you’ll return to again and again.
  • As The Moon Turns - Ancient mysteries revealed by Stephen Martin, Alex Ferguson & Nils Weinander.
  • The Lunar Twins - Talk about sibling rivalry! Nils Weinander details two powerful heroes.
  • Cora of the Two Appetites - Courtesans in the Empire, and a saint with a difference from Oliver Bernuetz.
  • Fellowship of the New Wane - Bryan Thexton presents some Lunar rebels with bite.
  • The Ice Fair of Yolp - Join James Frusetta on a Lunar trading mission into Uz lands.
  • The Imperial Society for the Reclamation of Pavis - The Lunars in Pavis. Its not all loot and pillage you know. Bo Rosén and Ian Thomson dig into some ancient secrets.
  • Encounters with a Dilettante - Gianfranco Geroldi reveals what the butler saw. And why your heroes are involved.
  • Sandy Sez - Sandy Petersen provides some hot tips for gamesmasters.