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A host of new products are now available from this very site. Including :

Tradetalk # 17 - Pavis & Prax Special
Magnificent Manors & Tatty Taverns
Swift Shipts & Battered Boats

Storefront was formerly acting as a store front for other fan organisations, and had additionally a few copies of other gloranthan and other items by their various publishers in stock.
We still help in making hard to get items available... in germany... at conventions.
This website has only book(lets) in stock that we ourselves printed.

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As well as Tradetalk, YBoT and Tentacles Tomes, we sell lots of other Glorantha publications through Finding information on what we sell has been a little difficult in the past. Therefore, we've added a new page to the web site! Visit the publications page to keep up to date with us (YES, there were almost no news since 2009/2010!).

New books on the Sales page

Lots of new fan products have appeared recently, and all of them can be found on the Sales page. Go there to get your copy of Tradetalk # 17 - Pavis & Prax Special, Magnificent Manors & Tatty Taverns (floor plans & adventure ideas), Swift Ships & Battered Boats (floor plans & adventure ideas for ships), or Eurhol´s Vale & Other Tales (glorantha fiction).

Gloranthan Comic "The Path of the Damned"

Our Gloranthan comic book series The Path of the Damned is a winner in the First Iberoamerican Comic Contest, in the Digital Comic category.

Visit the The Path of the Damned page to see more information on this publication.

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Latest news from the editor

Tradetalk # 17

Tradetalk # 17 is a "Pavis & Prax Special".

Pavis & Prax Special
- "Raiding the Yelorna Temple" by Ian Thompson, with HQ stats by Trotsky. A converted prax scenario.
- "Don´t Lose Your Head" by Tobias Deterding. A Thanatar scenario in Prax.
- "The Wasteland" by Tobias Deterding. A Prax scenario.
- "The Everburning Torches" by Craig Pays & Ian Thompson. A Pavis scenario.
- "Unicorn Quest" by Simon Phipp. A pavic Quest.
- "The Vale of Flowers" by Shannon Appelcline. A BIG article in Shannons ongoing Aldryami article series.
- "Waves in the Wind" by Andreas Pittelkow. A praxian narrator character.

What follows is what we have PLANED to publish in the next issues, not what we will really end up with. Some things might not get ready right in time, or doesn´t fit our quality standarts; other articles might be added at some point.

--> TOTALLY OUTDATED INFO from 2009 <--

Tradetalk # 18/19

Tradetalk # 18 will be a "Catch-Up Issue" in which everything gloranthan goes.

Catch-Up Issue
- "Find the Emerald Axe!" by Robin D. Laws. Scenario + pregenerated characters.
- "Somewhere in Sartar" by Mark Morrison. Scenario + pregenerated characters.
- "Gagarths Children" by Karsten Sassenberg. Scenario
- "Words of the Ancestors" by Karsten Sassenberg. Scenario
- "Gloranthan Duck Tales" by André Jarosch. A short duck chase scenario, in which you can choose if you want to play the pregenerated ducks, a band of bounty hunters, or the rescue team.
- "Tomogun Wulf-Sword" by Andreas Pittelkow. An NPC
- "More Characters of Love" by Jane Williams, Donald Oddy and André Jarosch. More NPCs
- "Scenarios of Love" by Jane Williams and Donald Oddy. Scenario hooks
- "The Hendriki - life under the Aeolians" by Mark Galeotti. Aeoling article
- "How Eurmal lost his stick" by Bruce Ferrie. Short story.
- "How Eurmal got his stick back" by Bruce Ferrie. Short story.
- "Humakt and the Torturer" by Rainier Dobbelmann. Short story.
- Telmori stuff by Thomas Gottschall. Game relevant articles about the werewolf tribe of Sartar.
- "The Lost History of Sir Ethilrist" by Peter Metcalfe. An explanation of Ethilrists appearance in "King of Dragon Pass".
- "The Order of Saint Josselyne" by Jamie "Trostky" Revell. A detailed Order to use with "Heroes of Malkion".
- "The Tower of Lead" by Tobias Deterding & Karsten Sassenberg. Scenario in Dorastor.
- "Jelmre" by Sverre Larne. The pamaltelan race for RuneQuest RPG.
- "Nalfein" by Sverre Larne. a Jelmre NPC for HeroQuest and RuneQuest, including an adventure hook for Second Age as well as Third Age.

Tradetalk # 20

Tradetalk # 20 will be a "Thanatar Special!".

Thanatar Special
- "What my Father Told Me" by Shannon Appelcline. What others think of Thanatari.
- "Thanatar" by Jeff Kyer. HeroQuest magic keyword.
- "In Darklight´s Shadow" HeroQuest episode, based upon a RuneQuest adventure by Michael O´Brien & Trevor Ackerly
- "Against the Skull of Atyar" HeroQuest episode, based upon a RuneQuest adventure by Michael O´Brien & Trevor Ackerly
- "The Spectre of Truth" Episode by Richard Crofts
- "Ministry of Severance" hero band by Richard Crofts
- "Perpetuators of the Severance" hero band by Richard Crofts
- "Disciples of the Dark Truths" hero band by Richard Crofts
- "Three Heads are better than One" by The Chapins: One Thanatar Temple-Cave-Complex, about 40 Thanatari NPCs, plot hooks...

Tradetalk # 21

Tradetalk # 21 will be the "Shadows in the Hills"; classic Sartar scenarios

Shadows in the Hills
- Shadows in the Hills by Andreas Pittelkow, Christian Einsporn, Frank Schacherer, Christian Klaas and Friends -- "Description of the stead/village of Ornsford" -- "A weird finding" -- "Autumn in Ornsford" -- "Wanted - Dead or Alive" -- "Shadows in the Hills" - "Violence is Always a Resolution" by Andreas Pittelkow. Scenario
- "The Saga of Ganaris Axe" by Christian Einsporn and Andreas Pittelkow. Scenario + NPC
- "Place of no return" long scenario by Helge Reuter.

Tradetalk # x and y

Tradetalk # X and Y (i will not longer give numbers until they are at the printer - 21/22 or 22/23 or ...) will be our "First Age" Specials.

We will try to show you another way to play HeroQuest, than in the Third Age Hero Wars period: The first Age, 20 years prior to the Gbaji Wars! The authors for this issue are Peter Metcalfe, Andre Jarosch, Greg Stafford and Shannon Applecline.

The current (planned) table of contents is:

- "First Age in general" will show the differences to the "now" of the Hero Wars period, and will give an overview of these two issues.

Then we have 9 "areas" to describe; all will describe the land, its personalities, history and future events, and also include new culture, occupational and magic keywords. Each region will have at least one map.

The regions are:
- "Loskalm", the beginning of the famous empire, the starting point for Talor.
- "Fronelan Hinterlands", will show the details of the Fronelan Lands outside of Loskalm. Including Talor action!
- "Seshneg & Tanisor" is about the Hrestoli of Seshnela, the Brithini of Arolanit, the Gbaji-Worshippers of Tanisor. The starting place of the world's greatest hero: Arkat!
- "Ralios", Nonhumans, Galanini, High Council missionaries, this area is the ground for the practice runs of Arkat.
- "Slontos & Maniria", Slontosian aristocrats, missionaries from the High Council, Krjalki
- "Dragon Pass", the Heortlings of Harmasts time, Lokamayadon followers, Trolls.
- "Dara Happa", the empire, with all its bureacrats.
- "High Council Lands, including Dorastor", Nysalorings, Ralzakark, Palangio action!
- We might include a chapter "Nonhumans" which details all the activities of the Aldryami, Mostali, Uz and Dragonewts, we might also include a chapter "Heroes", with Details of Talor, Arkat, Harmast, Nysalor, Palangio etc. BUT maybe we will shatter the information into pieces and but them into small boxes in the descriptions of the areas.

Because of space restrictions we will be NOT able to add an Aldryami or Non-Glorantha RPG article in any of this two issues!

The split between this two issues is planned to take place between the Ralios and Slontos chapters, so that we end up with "First Age in the West", and "First Age in the Center".

Take a look at our sales pages where you can order there a subscription of Tradetalk for five issues starting with this issue.