Paper Wars

Paper Wars

Those of you who have the time and money to buy, convert and paint armies of Gloranthan figures are truly blessed. We rejoice in your good fortune!

For the rest us, there are times when we want some figures, whether to help resolve some confused skirmish in the middle of a roleplaying session or else because we fancy playing out the battles of the Hero Wars. This is where Paper Wars comes in.

This is a series of CD-roms, loaded with high-resolution colour images of Gloranthan warriors, monsters, heroes and citizens, by three of the key artists defining the look of Glorantha today: Dario Corallo, Simon Bray and Sarah Evans. The figures are set up, ready to be printed out, folded and used in play. The great thing about having the images on CD is that you can print whichever ones you want, however many you need and at whatever scale you'd like! Some of the figures are lone individuals, but in many cases they come in units, with officers and standard-bearers, too.

People of the Storm : Heortling thanes, villagers and fyrd, Vingan defenders, Uroxi berserkers, Odaylan hunters, a Humakti death company, raiders and guards, even that vital commodity, the cow. Also, some neighbours, some friendly, others decidedly less so: ducks, broos, a few Lunars and more.

Strangers in Dragon Pass : Enter the Empire! A wide range of Imperials, from Heartland Corps soldiers to Carmanian wizards, Thunder Delta Slingers to Tarshite cataphracts, priests of the Crimson Bat and Crater Makers. Also, other enemies (or unlikely allies), such as trolls and trollkin, Praxians, baboons, a Cacodemon fiend and more.

And another 25, including Kallyr and the other heroes of the Rebellion, for a total of 225 figures.