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  A Rough Guide to Pavis City

A Rough Guide to Pavis City
Glorious Jewel of Second Age Glorantha
(A Guide to Old Pavis in the year 894 Solara Tempora)

Salubras Nemm [First Archivist of the Cult of Pavis] created this document in 1564 ST. Most of its contents are taken from a restored copy of Morgun Mewl's "Guide to Pavis City", which Mewl (a junior Issaries initiate) researched and wrote in 894 ST - as a requirement of his acceptance for full apprenticeship within the cult of the Trader God. Some material has been added to illustrate the changes that affected the city after the period Mewl described.

Mewl lived in Pavis for many years, and also journeyed back and forth to Dragon Pass making trade arrangements. He became a worshipper of Pavis, and wrote extensive memoirs describing his days in the city he came to see as his home. No full volume of his memoirs remains in existence, but fortunately several separate sections have been recovered from places within Dragon Pass. The bulk of the following material was taken from an almost completely intact copy of his book discovered buried in the grounds of Kakstan's Art Museum in 1563 ST.

Inspired by (and emulating with kind permission of Nick and David) the Rough Guides to Glamour and Boldhome, this publication has exploded from an article that was written for Shadows of Pavis. Once it began to form as a document the spirit of Pavis just grabbed it and ran.

Written by Ian Thomson, with assistance from Bo Rosen, and many thanks for critical eyes and additional material to Keith Nellist, Mike Dawson and Roderick Robertson (and possibly one or two other generous Gloranthaphiles). Layout is also currently underway in Mr Robertson's hands. Artwork by Dario Corallo and Sarah Evans.

This publication is likely to be around 40 pages long and is designed to supply sufficient information to set a campaign in and around Old Pavis when it was at the height of its glory. Of course it also contains interpretations of various places and things that had been previously obscured or misinterpreted by history and the terrible ravages of the troll occupation.

So come, take a stroll across the Great Market, spin around the circular road in a jolanti taxi, marvel at the imposing Tower of Potonis, or swap riddles with one of the city's wyrms. After a busy day, spend the evening at the City Theater watching the hilarious 'Marriage of Ernalda' performed by a troupe of the city's Donandar finest, or luxuriate at the grand Uleria temple under the tender ministrations of half a dozen exclusively trained hostesses.

Ah Pavis City, may your glories last for a century of centuries!

One Euro from the sale of each copy goes directly to Issaries, Inc.