Unspoken Word 2 Unspoken Word 2

The Unspoken Word is a magazine devoted to the fantasy world of Glorantha and HeroQuest/Hero Wars rules system. It is edited by Mark Galeotti (of Lunar and Mystic Russian fame) and Simon Bray (long-time key artist shaping the visual signature of Glorantha). Each issue is 68 pages long, with background information, scenarios, cults, herobands and cover maps and covers.

UW2 is called The Thieves' Arm, to reflect the underlying (optional) story arc linking the various articles and adventures. Greg Stafford's insights into Lanbril, Exile raiders, Orlanthi intrigue, Lunar heroes and maniacs, cannibals, unbalanced Aldyami, the return of Neep Troll-bane, heroquests, Jaxarte amongst the outlaws, a mob war which leaves Furthest aflame...

Here is the contents listing for your delight and delectation:

  • Behind Lanbril's Mask - Greg Stafford
  • The Thieves' Arm Story Arc - Mark Galeotti & Simon Bray
  • The Bush Range - Greg Stafford
  • The Bushwhackers - Ian Cooper
  • The Barren - Ian Cooper
  • The Blade in Darkness - Mark Galeotti
  • Ohenkash Twice-Maned - Mark Galeotti
  • When Bandits are Heroes - Mark Galeotti
  • Low Lives, Street Scum and Murderers - Simon Bray
  • Lonergan the Pretender - Ian Thomson
  • Three From the West - Jamie 'Trotsky' Revell
  • The Banes - Dave Shaw
  • The Neep Spawn - Simon Bray
  • The Unbalanced - Shannon Appelkline
  • The PargAddi Imperial Hunter Corps Regiment - Martin Laurie
  • The Oakhearts - Mark Galeotti
  • Edrald's Torc - Neil Smith
  • Silver Bear Cave - Thom Baguley
  • The Taming of Valind - Wesley Quadros
  • The Sandals of Darkness - Simon Phipp & Jeff Kyer
  • The Furthest Shadow War - Neil Smith
  • The House of Fragrant Oblivion - Peter Metcalfe
  • The Quiet Thunder - Mark Galeotti
  • Building the Thieves' Arm - Mark Galeotti & Simon Bray
  • Jaxarte and the Outlaws - Michael 'MOB' O'Brien

    Plus splendid cover art, fine interior illustrations, extra Narrator characters and information...

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