Wasp nest hornet

Wasp Rider Cultural Keywords

Physical Skills: Small, Ride Wasp, Wasp Care, Spear Combat, Wasp Dances.
Mental Skills: Speak to Wasps, Wasp Wilds Geography, Know Location in Hive, Wasp Breeding, Wasp Rider Customs.
Personality: Insular, Obedient, Hate Bee People.
Relationships: To Hive, To Wasp Queen, To Wasp Ally.
Magic: Isalla Animist Tradition.

Occupational Keywords
Below are detailed those occupations that are most suitable for player characters. A variety of worker occupations exist but are not detailed.

Physical Skills: Trick Flying, Craft Javelins, Craft Bolas, Bolas Combat, Javelin Combat, Drive Prey, Hand Signals, Load Pack Wasp.
Mental Skills: Know Prey Animals, Scan For Danger, Spot Prey, Scouting.
Personality: Reliable, Inquisitive.
Magic: May only integrate Wasp spirits.
Living Standard: Poor.
Equipment: Riding Wasp (Hunter), Javelins, Bolas.

Physical Skills: Combat, Javelin Combat, Lance Combat.
Mental Skills: See Great Distance, Disrupt Foes, Know Hive Defences, Coordinate Swarm Attack.
Personaility: Courageous, Fanatical.
Magic: May only integrate Isalla spirits.
Living Standard: Poor.
Equipment: Riding Wasp (Warrior), Javelins, Bolas, Spear/Lance, Chitin Armour^3.

Isalla Tradition
Isalla is the most powerful spirit of the Wasp Rider Tradition. She is the source of life itself, mother of all. Her spirit dwells within every Wasp and Rider, but is most strongly focused in her queens.
Entry Requirements: Must be a Giant Wasp or Rider
Physical Skills: Wasp Dance.
Mental Skills: Isalla Tradition Knowledge.

Traditional Spirits
Wasp Spirits (typical spirits include Dazzling Wings, Deadly Venom, Deafening Buzz, Fast Flight, Iron Carapace, Disrupting Swarm.)
Hive Spirits (typical spirits include Call Wasps, Defend Tunnel, Protect Larvae, Find Intruders)
Hunter Spirits (typical spirits include Fly Silently, Find Prey, Paralyse Prey)

Spirit Allies: Wasp Spirits
Fetch: Wasp Spirits.
Fetishes: Isalla Pupae and Imagoes (shamans) make their fetishes from Chitin, Wasp Secretions and Clay.
Tradition Secret: Become Great Wasp.
Worshippers: Wasp Riders and their mounts.
Other Side: Isalla dwells within a mountainous hive, surrounded by all the spirits of her children. The hive is surrounded on all sides by infinite fields of giant flowers and Olek orchards, amongst which graze huge bloated insects upon which Isalla's children feast and grow fat.
Special: Members of the Spider Hunters have access to Web Spirits (Typical spirits include Glue Web, Choking Web, Strangle Strands, Entrapping Cobweb). These spirits can never be integrated, they can only be bound into fetishes, usually Giant Spider Chitin or balls of cobwebs.
Note: The Wasp Riders of Dragon Pass are more inclined to use fetishes to perform their magic, while in Ralios the worshipper of Isalla integrate spirits in the true Hsunchen manner, transforming into Wasp/Human hybrids.


Great Wasp Queen, Avatar of Isalla.

  • Weapons and Armour: Bite and Sting 1w2^4, Wing Buffet 20^3, Chitin^6.
  • Significant Abilities: Large 2W2, Strong 2W2, Tough 18W, Quick Witted 3W, Spirit Combat 19W, Wasp Rider Customs 7W2, Wasp Care 2W3, Build Nest 6W, Aerobatics 18W, Climb 2W, Scan For Danger 4W, See Great Distance 2W, Oratory 20, Sing Sweetly 1W, Intimidate 10W2, Dragon Pass Geography 20, Dragon Pass History 1W, Lead Worship 14W, Isalla Tradition Knowledge 10W2, Wasp Dance 2W2.
  • Magical Abilities: See Gods and Spirits 10W, Absorb Magical Attack 2W, Thicken Armour 5W, Heal Injury (D+15) 5W, Regenerate Damage Fully (D+10W) 1W2, Heal Poisoned Wound (D+10) 1W, Lightening Stinger 5W, Boiling Venom 2W, Summon Brood 15W, Dispel Magic 19, Deafening Buzz 10W (The Wasp Queen has access to as many integrated spirits and fetishes as the GM desires). Venom: Debilitating, Lethal, Potency 20w.
  • Tactics: The Great Wasp Queen does not fight if possible; instead, she commands her children to defend her and gives them magical support. If forced to fight she uses her Summon Brood ability to call for back up. She then uses Lightening Stinger, Thicken Armour, Boiling Venom and Strong Abilities to augment her combat skills. Against magical foes, she uses Dispel Magic to good effect. However, the Queen prefers to use her Intimidate skill augmented with her Large and Deafening Buzz to make her point clear.
  • Followers: The Wasp Queen is able to call upon the entire Hive to defend her; they do so with unswerving loyalty.

Giant Wasp Vespa giganticus Var. Isallis Vespidae

  • The Giant Wasps of Isalla are larger and more intelligent than their more common brethren. They work in unison with the Wasp Riders with whom they share a symbiotic relationship.
  • Ages: Green, Golden, Darkness, Historical.
  • Distribution: Dragon Pass, The Wasp Wilds.
  • Weapons and Armour: Bite and Sting 1w^3, Chitin^3.
  • Significant Abilities: Aerobatics 8w, Ambush 15, Build Nest 18, Dig 15, Fly Fast 10w, Large 5w, Spot Prey 5w, Strong 2w, Rider Bond 18.
  • Venom: Debilitating, Lethal, Potency 2w.
  • Tactics: Giant wasps attack prey individually. They simply drop out of the air onto their victims, augmenting their first attack with their Ambush ability. Their first attack will likely be a sting to inject venom into the victim, thereafter they will continue to bite, but will again sting an opponent who remains active for more than a few of exchanges after the initial sting. Wasps will cooperate in defence of their colony, making assaults against them particularly dangerous. In these circumstances, a giant wasp may use the APs of its fellows as a follower bonus, typically increasing its own AP total by about 50. The wasp may also act as a follower to its rider, lending AP's.

Night Wasps: The Wasps of the Spider Hunters have abilities of Hide in Darkness 16, Large 8W and Strong 5W.

Yellow Jackets: These monstrously huge wasps have the abilities of Wing Buffet 15, Large 10W, Strong 7W and Killing Frenzy 15.