In Wintertop's Shadow In Wintertop's Shadow

In Wintertop's Shadow is Ian Cooper's splendid and comprehensive guide to life and adventure amongst the bloodthirsty Tarsh Exiles. This was the first book to be presented perfect bound by Unspoken Word.

Table of contents:

1 In Exile
1.1 Listen to the drums
1.2 Life By The Axe
1.3 Relations with Empire

2 Wintertop
2.1 The Wintertop Region
2.2 Map (colour version also on the back cover)
2.3 The Exiles
2.3.1 The Kerofini Hendarli Iristaros Marantaros
2.3.2 The Mitchuinn
2.3.3 The Independent Clans
2.3.4 The Bush Rangers
2.4 Gazetteer

3 We are the Exiles
3.1 Keywords
3.2 Clans, Tribes, and Clan Generation
3.3 Hero Cults
3.4 Asella and Torkal
3.5 Maran Gor at the Shaker Temple
3.6 What My Father Told Me
3.7 What My Sister Whispers

4 Exiles and Enemies
4.1 Hero Bands
4.1.1 The Moonhaters
4.1.2 The Old School
4.1.3 The Whole Spring Dancers

5 In Wintertopís Shadow
5.1 Running the Exiles
5.2 Scenario: King for a Day

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