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  Ye Booke of Tentacles #1

Ybot issue 1

Ye Booke of Tentacles arrived as the fund raiser for Tentacles Over Bacharach, the convention held in Germany in 1998. Editting, Layout and design was performed by Fabian Kuchler and Christian Einsporn, with artwork mainly by Dario Corallo.

The knowledge man was not supposed to seek in this tome was :

  • Sorcery Rules - Sandy Petersen improves on the Runequest originals
  • About Malkionism - The first of several seminar transcripts - this time Nick Brooke on Western culture and religion
  • Pent Ridge - MOB takes us on a tour of Sun County's infamous prison
  • The Lismelder Clan - David Hall and Nick Brooke adventure with the Grey Dogs. Another transcript.
  • Eurmal and the Ice Giantess - Trickster myth from Stephen Martin
  • Lore Auction 1996 - Everything you never knew you wanted to ask... David Hall and Nick Brooke provide the answers.
  • City of Wonders - Simon Bray leads a tour of the Pharoah's capital.
  • Lore Auction 1997 - More Glorantha esoterica. Nick Brooke, David Hall, MOB and Rob Heinsoo.
  • Orlanthi Mythologies - Greg Stafford tells three myths of the Storm Tribe.
  • Through the Ages - Shannon Appel leads Nephilim players on a 5000 year campaign.
  • Eaters of the Dead - A study of the ghouls, for Call of Cthulhu. By Shannon Appel.
  • Pazuzu - A Babylonian demon described for Call of Cthulhu, by Andrew D. Gable.
  • Snakes - Lucya Szachnowski discusses real world snakes.
  • Geology - A scientific skill for 1920's Cthulhu, by Jennifer Piatek.
  • Famous Last Words - Greg Stafford, Michael O'Brien and Fabian Kuchler.