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  Ye Booke of Tentacles #4

Scenario Special, Fundraiser for "Tentacles 2001" at Whitsun

Ybot 4 is a scenario special containing the best scenarios for Elric!, Hero Wars and Call of Cthulhu that have been run at various Tentacles Conventions plus some more material.


Hero Wars

  • Sheepless Nights (HW Episode) - by Jeff Kyer
  • The Cyrling Clan (Clan Describtion)
  • Meet the Black Oaks (Clan Describtion)
  • The Cult of Renvold Meldekbane - by Jeff Kyer
  • Black Oaks, Black Magic (HW Episode) - by Jeff Kyer
  • Someone, somewhere, in fire season
  • Saddled with the Nightmare (HW Episode) - by Simon Bray, Martin Hawley

    Eternal Champion
  • Scrutineerīs Daughter
  • Learning to Fly (Hawkmoon Scenario) - by Lawrence Whitaker
  • Like Lovers and Heroes (Elric! Scenario) - by Lawrence Whitaker
  • A Home by the Sea (Stormbringer Scenario) - by Lawrence Whitaker
  • Adventures in Rignariom (Elric! Scenario Seed) - by Shannon Appelcline

    Call of Cthulhu
  • The Lazy Man's Guide to Constructing a CoC Adventure - by Sandy Petersen
  • Sandy Petersenīs Rules of Game Design - by Sandy Petersen
  • Cthulhu Mythos: Questions and Answers - by Sandy Petersen
  • How to use Music in Horror Gaming - by Sandy Petersen

  • The Adventure of the Poisoned Lake (Pendragon Scenario) - by Shannon Appelcline


    The stats for Vuskarasas in 'Black Oaks, Black Magic' were written by Stephen Martin with assistance of Jeff Kyer and are copyright 2001 by Issaries, Inc.

    The Diokos stats in 'Saddled with the Nightmare' were written by Simon Bray, and are based on material written by Jamie Revell and copyright 2000 by Issaries, Inc.

    Some Ybot IV books are missing page 115. This page is now available as a PDF.