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  Ye Booke of Tentacles #6

Tentacles Festschrift: 10 years of Tentacular Mayhem

Ybot 6 contains a lot of articles and adventures for our beloved gaming worlds + a 10th aniversary part.


  • The Mystic Watch Story by Greg Stafford
  • The Conqueror Wyrm Lunar villains by Stewart Stansfield
  • The Lands of God Jrustela in the Second Age by David Dunham
  • Homeland Jrustela by David Dunham
  • The Otherside of the Oceans water entities by Dr. Martin Hawley
  • Ruin Fiction by John Hughes

    Eternal Champion
  • Erekose the original Eternal Champion by Shannon Appelcline
  • Damascus Declares Fiction by Lawrence Whitaker

    Call of Cthulhu
  • The Fungi From Yuggoth description of this non-human race by Shannon Appelcline
  • What Dreams May Come scenario at the British Museum by Shannon Appelcline

    Tentacles Special
  • A Tentacles Festschrift article about 10 years Tentacles convention, including comments by guests of honour, and photos!
  • Weavers and Shapers Interviews with David Dunham, Charlie Krank, Sandy Petersen & Greg Stafford