The Zin Letters # 2 The Zin Letters # 2

The Magazine has 44 pages (including color covers), and it has following articles:


  • Secrets of Lur Nop by Terra Incognita and Olli Kantola
  • On the Rule of Exarchs by Olli Kantola
  • The Order of Celestial Geomancy by Olli Kantola
  • Dr. Pin by Olli Kantola


  • The Province of Easval by Klaus Viljanen
  • The City of Ease by Klaus Viljanen
  • The Army of Loskalm by Antti Karjalainen and Klaus Viljanen
  • The Brotherhood of Siglat's True Light by Klaus Viljanen


  • Daran by Matti Järvinen
  • The Church of Saint Ehilm by Matti Järvinen
  • Important Places in Daran by Matti Järvinen
  • The Barony of Ornim by Matti Järvinen
  • Scenario Ideas by Matti Järvinen