Tradetalk issue 17
Tradetalk issue #17


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So what is this web site for? Tradetalk is the publication of the RuneQuest Gesellschaft e.V. aka The Chaos Society, a non-profit fan association. It is a high quality publication with articles and images relating to the world of Glorantha. Ingo Tschinke was the initiator and the driving force behind the magazine. André Jarosch took over as editor of Tradetalk at issue no. 9, which is now on it's 17th issue. All the material is provided by fans and we welcome submissions of content. In the web pages you will find all of the information on the magazine issues, as well as other publications such as Ye Booke of Tentacles and books from the Tentacles Tome series. You can also buy single issues of the magazine or take out a subscription through our online ordering.

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And now for the official bit: Tradetalk is an amateur magazine dedicated to the world of Glorantha,its role-playing games HeroQuest and RuneQuest, and all related games. All contents of this magazine are contributed by fans of these games and should not be regarded as official, unless otherwise stated. This magazine has no legal or financial relationship with Chaosium Inc, Moon Design Publication, or any other publisher of BRP/D100 games. RuneQuest™, HeroQuest™, and Glorantha™ are Moon Design Publications trademarks for their fantasy role-playing games. Glorantha is the creation of Greg Stafford, and is used with his permission. Call of Cthulhu™, Nephilim™, (and former Stormbringer™/Elric!™) are the trademarks of Chaosium Inc. for their role-playing game. Pendragon™ is a trademark of Nocturnum Publishing for their role-playing game. The contents of this magazine are copyright © by the original authors and artists and may only be reproduced with their permission.

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