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UPDATE of this website We added some articles in the last few months/weeks. The NEW items are: Tradetalk # 16 - Heroes and Strangers of Dragon Pass (the latest issue of our magazine), Eurhols Vale & Other Tales (prequel and sequel to "The Widows Tale"; two novels and two short stories), Magnificent Manors & Tatty Taverns (scetches of buildings, floorplans - game master and player versions - adventure seeds for Glorantha and Cthulhu), The Zin Letters # 3 (the latest magazine of our friends from Kalikos - the finnish glorantha society). January 15th 2009.

New Publications page We've added a Publications page to the site, to provide a home for information on all the books we sell. 23rd June 2002

Jon Hodgson's work in Gallery We have added a new artist Jon Hodgson to our gallery. 9th January 2002

Dario's Gallery even more new art work by Dario Corallo. 11th October 2001

Dario's Gallery lots of new art work by Dario Corallo. 3rd October 2001

Gallery pages we now have gallery pages for Dario Corallo, Addy Corstiaensen and Juha Harju . 10th August 2001

Bios For Ingo Tschinke and Shannon Appelcline available from the Tradetalk staff page 11th July 2001

Supplementary article from YBoT3 A 16 page article combining three pieces from the first P&BR Companion: Extended information on the Cults of Pavis and Flintnail, and notes on the habits of the Pavic Dwarves. Slightly updated from the originals. 6th July 2001

Bios For Rick Meints and Juha Harju available from the Tradetalk staff page 6th July 2001

New web site live 22nd June 2001