Here you will find missing parts, supplemental articles and further information about Tradetalk-Articles as well as various bits and pieces that don't seem to fit elsewhere.

YBOT # 4, Page 115

Some Ybot IV books are missing page 115. This page is now available as a PDF.

Handra Maps

High quality maps of Handra, from Tradetalk #11. For the campaign cartographer versions, you will need to download the free viewer program from http://www.profantasy.com/library/dpv.asp (1.1MB). To download the campaign cartographer versions, left click and choose "Save As".

Home Island (JPEG) (446 KB) (Campaign Cartographer) (649 KB) 20.11.02

Mooring Island (JPEG) (378 KB) (Campaign Cartographer) (511 KB) 20.11.02

Queue Island (JPEG) (364 KB) (Campaign Cartographer) (437 KB) 20.11.02

Temple Island (JPEG) (167 KB) (Campaign Cartographer) (438 KB) 20.11.02

Yard Island (JPEG) (522 KB) (Campaign Cartographer) (530 KB) 20.11.02


Map of South Maniria (342 KB) From Tradetalk #10 12.03.02

Redrawn map of Slontos (138 KB) From Tradetalk #10 12.03.02

Tentacles 2001 Group Photo, a good quality 20x30 cm version of the photograph can be purchased from the sales pages.

Extra articles for Masks of Pavis


The errata fo this publication. PDF file 28K 01.11.01

Bonus Article

Hero Wars conversion notes for ‘The Cradle’ PDF file 289K ZIP file 190K 13.06.01

Additional Material for articles in the magazine

Map for the Magician's Hill scenario (with thanks to John Hughes for his time and effort spent producing it) JPG file 238K PDF file 1262K ZIP file 1025K 25.06.01

New version - Yelmalio's gifts and geases PDF file 85K ZIP file 89K 25.06.01

Yelmalian Hero Cults PDF file 49K ZIP file 46K 13.08.01

Articles from YBoT3

Extended information on the Cults of Pavis and Flintnail, and notes on the habits of the Pavic Dwarves PDF file 151K ZIP file 140K 09.07.01

Holiday Glorantha: The Real City of Old Pavis PDF file 338K ZIP file 229K 04.07.01
Seperate version of the map GIF file 42K ZIP file 42K 17.07.01

Zebra Fort in the Big Rubble PDF file 286K ZIP file 273K 04.07.01

Mani's Fort in the Big Rubble PDF file 147K ZIP file 139K 04.07.01

The New Flintnail Temple in the Big Rubble PDF file 304K ZIP file 291K 04.07.01

Other articles

Additions/errata for Krang's Table [external link] (TT #8) 22.04.01

Naskorion map (colored) (TT #3) 04.11.00

Wasp riders, the HW stats (TT #7) 01.11.00