Tradetalk #17

Tradetalk #17
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Pavis & Prax Special

  • Raiding the Yelorna Temple by Ian Thompson, with HQ stats by Trotsky. A converted prax scenario.
  • Donīt Lose Your Head by Tobias Deterding. A Thanatar scenario in Prax.
  • The Wasteland by Tobias Deterding. A praxian scenario.
  • The Ever-Burning Torches by Craig Pays & Ian Thompson. A Pavis scenario, with HQ stats by Trotsky.
  • Unicorn Quest by Simon Phipp. A pavic Quest.
  • The Vale of Flowers by Shannon Appelcline. A BIG article in Shannons ongoing Aldryami article series.
  • Waves in the Wind by Andreas Pittelkow. A praxian narrator character.

  • And for the first time: full colour cover!