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The editorial staff
Since 1995, the year in which Tradetalk was founded we have gathered together a good team of editorial staff for Tradetalk. Members of the team all have there own special set of tasks and the team as a whole fits together well, as you can see by the latest issue of Tradetalk. The work for Tradetalk is done mostly over the internet, as we are a world-wide working group.

We are planning to put together a gallery of the editorial stuff along with biographies and a bit on what their job involves, as well as short biographies of the authors who contributed to Tradetalk. Once this is completed you will be able to click on the name of a person and see these details.

If you have contributed to Tradetalk in any way please send details of your contribution and information to place on the page for you, this could be photos, links, comments, bit on your job or the contribution you made.

Shannon Appel, USA - - Editor for related games and the Aldryami expert e-mail
Dario Corallo, Italy - Layout and graphic design e-mail
Addy Corstiaensen, Netherlands - Illustrator e-mail
Juha Harju, Finland- Illustrator e-mail
Jon Hodgson, United Kingdom - Illustrator
André Jarosch Germany - Publisher, editor, distributor, and author, news man e-mail
Rick Meints, USA - Publisher of HeroQuest RPG e-mail
Alison Place Canada - copy reader, additional editing e-mail
Jamie "Trotsky" Revell United Kingdom - RQ and HW to HQ conversion e-mail
Greg Stafford, USA - The Trader e-mail
Ingo Tschinke, Germany - Publisher e-mail
Robert Whitters, Canada - Illustrator e-mail