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  André Jarosch  

André started roleplaying in 1984, discovered Cthulhu in 1988, and RuneQuest and Glorantha in 1992. He has played Cthulhu and Glorantha - most often in short campaigns or in convention scenarios - ever since, most of the time as a game master.

In 1997 he was asked to join the three headed headmen of the German RuneQuest-Gesellschaft e.V. aka The Chaos Society and is still one of the elected heads of the Society. In this position he organized game sessions on german conventions (other than Tentacles), has run booth´s at german conventions, as well as Tentacles Convention, and was editor of the late issues of the german language magazine "Schattenklinge".
André wrote a number of articles about Glorantha and RuneQuest for german magazines, and still tries to get as much Glorantha in other german magazines as possible.
In 1999 he became a founding member of the GTA, and started to write for Tradetalk.
In 2001 he took over Tradetalk magazine as main editor, and still aims to provide the fans round the world with a magazine with articles, adventures to play and a forum where their own written material can be published.
Other projects he was involved with were "The Rise of Ralios" FreeForm, "The Widow´s Tale", "Eurhol´s Vale & Other Tales", and "Magnificent Manors & Tatty Taverns". He continues to search for joined projects to publish to spread the word about Glorantha, HeroQuest and RuneQuest.
In real life André works in a department store in Frankfurt, where he sells toys and games... unfortunately not RPGs.