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  Rick Meints  

Rick Meints helped relaunch tradetalk in 1997 by coming up with its new "look and feel" for layout. Most of his contributions to Glorantha fall neatly into two categories: layout and collecting. Along with doing the layout for Tradetalk 2 and 3, he has also done the layout for Tales 14 through 20, plus a number of other Reaching Moon Megacorp publications. While living in England for some years he has also become rather active in collecting Gloranthan material, culminating in the publication of his guide to almost all published Gloranthan material in the Meints Index to Glorantha, or "MIG", as it is commonly called. Also known as "Mr. Suitcase", he loves being an auctioneer at every Gloranthan convention he has attended, including the last of the new millenium Convulsions, the last 7 Tentacles and several of the Glorantha cons. Has devoted his time to reprinting the original Chaosium Runequest supplements in the four volume Gloranthan Classics series by Moon Design publications. More recently his company, Moon Design Publications, took over the HeroQuest license from Issaries Inc. . For more info, please visit his Moon Design Publications website at OR the general Glorantha and HeroQuest website