Tradetalk #10

Tradetalk #10

Best of Glorantha 2002 Nominee

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Tradetalk # 10 has the theme of Handra, Wenelia,Ramalia and the Arstola Forrest

The Content of Tradetalk # 10 is:

  • Sesasonal Events - News from Issaries
  • The South Coast of Genertela - by Marc Willner & Ken Rolston, rewritten and updated by Peter Metcalfe
  • Slontos - by Greg Stafford. Includes a map available online (138 KB)
  • The Kingdom of Ramalia - by Jamie "Ttrotsky" Revell
  • The Mraloti - by Jamie "Ttrotsky" Revell
  • Mraloti characters for HW - by Jamie "Ttrotsky" Revell
  • Maniria South Coast - center spread map by Dario Corallo. Also available on the net! (342 KB)
  • Wenelia - Description of the region (including the Traderprinces and the cult of Wenel) by Nick Brooke and Jeff Kyer
  • Wenelian Keywords - by Jeff Kyer (with assistance from Greg Stafford)
  • Legends of the Arstola - by Shannon Applecline
  • Ritual Magic part III - by Stephen Martin
  • More adventures on the Young Kingdom - Elric adventures by Shannon Appelcline

    A small amount of errata for Tradetalk # 10 is now available.