Tradetalk #1

Tradetalk issue 1

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The first issue of Tradetalk arrived with a noticeable green cover. The German Chaos Society came up with the idea of producing an English magazine. Therefore we found a British friend to help us as a native speaker. Tradetalk # 1 was made up under the leadership of Tom Zunder, who wasn't able after # 1 to continue with his good work. As you may see, this was the beginning of a new magazine. The articles aren't the best, but it was a start.

The articles and adventures of Tradetalk # 1 were:

  • All quiet on the eastern front - Adventure from Helge Reuter
  • Broos - Description of a Chaos race from Ingo Tschinke
  • Spirits of Glorantha - Spirits from Tom Zunder
  • Glorantha Calendar - Calendar from Christian Pleep
  • The Abduction - Adventure from Lutz Reimers
  • Orlanths Ring - Clan Organisations of the Orlanthi from Ingo Tschinke
  • The Beast of Gren Dahl Moor - Adventure from Tom Zunder
  • Roleplaying Gods, Cults and Religions in Glorantha - Overview of roleplaying with Cults from Ingo Tschink