Tradetalk #2

Tradetalk issue 2

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The second issue of Tradetalk was made in Germany. Ingo Tschinke took over as editor and has performed this job until issue no. 9. The layout and graphic design was by Rick Meints, who still works for Tradetalk among other projects (MIG, Pavis, Griffin Mountain etc.). Between # 1 and # 2 we have changed the concept of the magazine and started to publish 90% material for Glorantha - with a special theme for each issue - as well as one article for related games, such as Cthulhu, Elric!, Pendragon and Nephilim. The special theme for # 2 was the Safelster Region in Ralios.

For this issue we published the following articles and adventures:

  • Tiskos - Description of this country from Paolo Guccione
  • The Birth of Chaos - the Chaos Society, the international branch of the RuneQuest-Gesellschaft e.V.
  • Kustria - the most important kingdom of Safelsters from Ingo Tschinke
  • The West's Worst Magi Awards - Funny magicans from Michael O'Brien
  • Fencing Schools - Fighting schools in Safelster from JosÚ Ramos
  • The Boristi Church - A church in Safelster from Ingo Tschinke & Peter Marcani
  • The Felster Lake - the center of this region, the Felster lake, from J÷rg Baumgartner
  • The guild of Chaos Monks - from Peter Metcalfe
  • The Strange Broo - Story of the white healer from Jim Chapin
  • The Restless Death - Elric! Adventure from Shannon Appel