Tradetalk #3

Tradetalk issue 3

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The layout for Tradetalk # 3 was still by Rick Meints, but he was under time pressure doing so. He got help from a new member of the editorial staff - Dario Corallo from Italy. Dario - together with Simon Bray - has produced most of the Illustrations for Tradetalk. The special theme for Tradetalk # 3 was East Ralios, a countryside were mostly Orlanthi barbarians live, the typical antagonist of the civilisied Safelstrans.

For this issue we published the following articles and adventures:

  • The East Wilds - Description of the Orlanthi in the east of Ralios from Dag Olausson, Jonas Schiött and Sten Ahrman
  • The Otter Clan - Clan description from Jonas Schiött
  • Hsunchen - the primitive people of the east from Jonas Schiött
  • A First Age Galannini Myth Cycle - Mythos from Shannon Appel
  • Naskorion - a country in which Orlanthi freedom movement and feudalism meets by Ingo Tschinke & Jörg Baumgartner - the Map is on the net!
  • The New Stygian Church of Naskorion - the religion of Naskorions
  • Growing Pains - Adventure by Jonas Schiött
  • The Money Chase - How you can save your campaign from players' corruption, by Jussi Hyvönen
  • Kolar's Trip to Kilwin - Travel report from David Dunham
  • The Strangers Tale - Story by Jim Chapin
  • Trolls and Tusk Riders - Description by Jonas Schiött
  • The Curios Cases of Titus Crow - Scenario Ideas for Cthulhu from Shannon Appel