Tradetalk #5

Tradetalk issue 5

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With Tradetalk # 5 the whole editorial staff become a more and more stable team. In this very issue we have produced some bigger articles than we have done before, two articles filling more the half of the magazine (Caladraland and Vinga). The main theme was again on Kethaela, the holy country, with the following articles:

  • The Pharaoh - by Greg Stafford
  • Kingdom of Night part 3 - the shadow plateau by Shannon Appel
  • People of Note - the most famous people of the holy country from Jörg Baumgartner
  • Caladraland - a region of the holy country from Vesa Lehtinen
  • Map of Caladraland - Dario Corallo
  • Vinga the Adventuress - the cult of female warriors of the Orlanthis by Jane Williams
  • Three Flowers - Adventure from Peter Marcani
  • The Pyramid of Set - Nephilim article by Shannon Appel