Tradetalk issue 8

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The main theme for this issue is Pavis and the Big Rubble.

The issue contains:

  • News from the Trader: Greg Stafford gives more info about Thunder Rebels and Issaries Inc.
  • The Harrowing: Short story written by Penny Love
  • Griselda: Points of view and Griselda biography written by Oliver Dickison with added info about the upcoming collected Griselda from Issaries Inc. in their fiction line.
  • Krangs Table: a Herowars conversion of this Big Rubble adventure of old. Rewritten by Ian Thomson Additions/errata for Krang's Table [external link]
  • The Crimson Shadow in Prax: This is one of the first adventures we ever got for Tradetalk. It was originally written by Alban Schmid and Christoph Koring from Switzerland and has now been reworked and rewritten by Ian Thomson, with help from Jeff Kyer and Daniel Fahey. With this adventure we show an old fashion RQ adventure in the new HeroWars style.
  • Vinga Temple in Pavis: short piece about the Vingas in Pavis written by Jane Williams. This is a Vinga article for Jane's Vinga description, published in Tradetalk # 5.
  • Legends of Pavis: a report on the elves in Pavis written by Shannon Applecline
  • "The Adventure of Heroes Past": a Pendragon article written by Shannon Appelcline
  • Furthermore we have fine artwork from Simon Bray, Jon Hodgson, Juha Harju and Dario Corallo.
  • It also has the fine layout style from Dario's hands.