Tradetalk #7

Tradetalk issue 7

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The main theme for this issue is the non humans, the old races and the beast people of Glorantha especially of the Dragon Pass.

The articles and adventure of the "Non Human" issue are:

  • News from the Trader - from Greg Stafford
  • Wasp Riders - by André Jarosch, Simon Bray and Stephen Martin - Hero Wars Stats here!
  • How I Kill Undead - from Simon E. Phipp
  • The Upland Marsh - from Simon E. Phipp
  • a journal fragment (ducks) - from Michael Cule
  • The Wolfbrother's bond - Telmori article by Thomas Gottschall
  • What My Father Told Me - A World View of Ducks - from Vesa Lehtinen
  • Delecti our saviour - by Simon E. Phipp
  • Quack! Glub, glub - from Simon E. Phipp
  • How Dog and Wolf became enemies - Thomas Gottschall
  • Spears of the Telmori - Thomas Gottschall
  • The Magic of the Wolfpeople - from Thomas Gottschall
  • The Eluare - the fox people by Jamie Revell
  • Vuskarasa - Steve Martin
  • Into the Dragonland - Adventure by Jörg Baumgartner, Helge Reuter and Ingo Tschinke
  • CoC Denizens of the Depths - Cthulhu by Shannon Appel